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Gold in Human Semen Around and Away from a Gold Deposit Area


P. Sahab Khan, Dr. K.P Skandhan, Department of Physiology, SNIMS,
K Ajesh,
MVP Siraj,
Biological Trace Element research published on line on 3rd August 2010.


Electron Microscopic (Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis) study of Human Male Reproductive Organs


and Semen.


Dr. K.P Skandhan, Department of Physiology, SNIMS,
Dr. B Sumangala, Department of Pathology, SNIMS,
S. Amith,
KPS Avni 
Biological Trace Element Research published online on 5th June 2010.


Electron Microscopic (Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis) study of Human Male Reproductive Organs


and Semen.


Dr. B Sumangala, Department of Pathology, SNIMS,
K P Skandhan, S. Amith, KPS Avni
Biological Trace Element Research, Published online 5th June 2010.


Interaction of Proton pump Inhibitor and Clopidogrel - A Lurch


Praveen R, SNIMS
Journal of Pharmacy Research 2010, 3(8), 1971-1972



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