Endoscopic CSF (Cerebro-Spinal-Fluid) leak repair


Great achievement at Sree Narayana Institute of Medical Sciences


18 year old girl in Chettikkad area near North Paravur, suffering from recurrent attack of meningitis after a head injury at the age of 7, underwent a unique procedure of endoscopic CSF (Cerebro-Spinal-Fluid) leak repair in Sree Narayana Institute of Medical Sciences, on 17.09.10 Dr. Pramod C, Consultant ENT Surgeon of SNIMS performed the very rare repair of the skull base through the nose, using endoscopic method and the patient is recovering.


A 70 years old male patient with symptoms of vomiting blood and abdominal pain was reported at SNIMS.

The patient had approached various hospitals prior to reporting to SNIMS.

The patient underwent upper GI scopy and was diagnosed to have retrograde Gastrojejunal intussusception. The patient was advised Laparotomy and underwent Emergency reduction of intussusception and wide fixation of efferent Loop with feeding jejunostomy under the guidance of Dr. K. Prasad, Surgical Gastroenterologist and Dr. Vincent, HOD, Dept. of Surgery under Epidermal Anesthesia, administered by Dr. Issac, Asst. Prof. Dept of Anesthesia. The post operative period was uneventful. The patient was discharged on the 5th post operative day.

Retrograde Gastrojejunal intussusception is a rare complication in patients with previous Gastrojejunostomy. This condition was first described in 1914 by Bozzi. The incidence is fewer than 200 cases reported in the world literature.

50 year old patient with a bull gore injury to the perineum presented with complex anal injury. She

 underwent anal sphincter repair with colostomy followed by colostomy closure.

We have removed ovarian tumour weighing about 4.5 kg.

LSCS followed by triplet delivery done at SNIMS.

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